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For people who may not know, Canada has a comparatively liberal and easier (in my opinion) immigration procedure for qualified professionals.

A prospective immigrant applies with his/her qualifications and a substantial fees (around 1 K) and they evaluate the application on a point system based on criteria such as education level, job experience, demand of that profession in Canada, ties with Canada etc. If selected the Canadain govt helps in the job search. This is a very crude summary of the process. The following post from the newsgroup misc.immigration.canada points to more detailed info.

I hope this helps for people and/or their relatives intending to immigrate to North America, especially people fed-up with the visa rejections from the US consulates.

Chitta Baral

In article , ao104@FreeNet.Carleton.CA
(Josh Byer) wrote:

 S.C.R.I Canada Immigration Services and Consultants
 Fully registered, incorperated and licensed under
                   Canadian Law.
 Immigration To Canada
  To obtain a Canadian Visa for:
      (1) Permanent Residence
      (2) Work Permit
      (3) Sponsorship
      (4) Student Visa
      (5) Visitor Visa
      (6) Business Programs and Investment
 Place d'Armes
 Please, in your fax/letter, include your name, address, occupation,
 education and date of birth. As well, please label your application 
 with the designation "IMM".
 We shall help you to properly complete and register the
 application Visa Forms with the Canadian Immigration Departments 
 serving your area of residence, and in Canada.

Please note that all of these services are available free of charge on the misc.immigration.canada newsgroup, which will provide an excellent source of information to assist you. It not only has the benefit of Canadian immigration lawyers who respond to questions posted from around the world, but there is also a representative of the Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration who provides invaluable replies to many queries.

In addition, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration has opened a WWW site that ought to provide some helpful information, including various guides and application forms. It is located at

Third parties do not expedite immigration processing in the Canadian immigration system. The vast majority of immigration applications do not require the intervention of counsel.

Our feeling is that if you can access this message on the internet, you ought to seriously consider accessing the newsgroup misc.immigration.canada to assist you in your immigration or visit to Canada.

We hope this helps!

Richard Kurland, Fax: (514) 847-1370
Vice-Chair, Canadian Bar Association, Quebec Region, Immigration Sec.
Vice-President, Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association

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