Born on 01.01.1916 at village Kashibahal in the then princely  state of Kalahandi. Early education at Bhawanipatna, passed his  matriculation in 1935. He had his B.Sc.(Hons), Physics from Revenshaw  College, Cuttack in 1939. Obtained B.Sc.(Engg.) Hons. degree in Civil  Engineering in 1943 from Bihar College of Engg. Patna. After an  apprenticeship in Government of Orissa, Works Department and the  Irrigation Dept. of the then princely state of Mysore, in the Jog Hydro  Power Project joined as an Asst. Engineer with special charge of  irrigation under the Kalahandi, Darbar in Feb. 1945.

He came across the perennial Indravati flowing across the Thuamul  Rampur Plateau of Kalahandi, a tributary of Godavari running parallel to  the Eastern Ghats. He visualised that the diversion of the river  Indravati to Hati River will create an artificial water fall from a height  of 2000 feet which will generate hydropower and will also provided  perennial water supply for irrigation. He prepared a preliminary scheme  and submitted the same to the Maharaja for his consideration. The  Maharaja was enhrilled with his work.

Behind every great personality there is usually a lady behind and  in the case of Late Prof. Behera the good old lady was Late Uma Devi who  has enriched the family tradition by their illustrious  daughter: Dr. Yashodhara Mishra and three sons: one a Doctor, one an IPS  Officer and the other an IRTS.


Source : Dr. Saroj Kumar Patel, Sr. Lecturer(Mech. Engg.) and Project Officer, Nodal Centre for Orissa(NTMIS), Regional Engineering College, ROURKELA-769008(Orissa), India. []
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