Birendra Prasad Mohanty

[Winner of Jeebanaranga Award]

He has acted in many plays and directed several others. He was the best actor from University College of Engineering, Burla in his days. He also was a Orissa Doordarshan artist and acted in three Oriya movies.

Birendra Prasad Mohanty was also a very well known writer and he was well known in the Oriya literary circle for his novels, short stories and plays.

Following are some of his books published by Jhansi Publications:

	1.	Hey Surya 		   ( Novel )
	2.	Minaadi O Ananta Aakaasha  ( Short story collection )
	3.	Panata			   ( Short story collection )
	4.	Bhagabaananka Trutiya Hasa ( Short story collection )
	5.	Kejaani Kaahinki	   ( Short story collection )
	6.	Mo Mrityu Pare		   ( Drama collection )

Following are some of his plays which were broadcasted thru AIR or telecasted thru Cuttack/Delhi Doordarshan:

	1.	Panata 			( AIR & TV )
	2.	Mo Mrityu Pare 		( AIR )
	3.	Sanaatana Brutaanta 	( TV )
	4.	Trimurti Mess		( AIR & TV )

Source : Swapnakant Mohanty (son of Birendra Prasad Mohanty)
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