Manoj Das

(1934 - Present)

Prof. Manoj Das is one of the foremost short-story writers in post-independence India. He writes in both Oriya and English. Now he is a Professor of English at Sri Aurovindo International University at Pondicherry.

He was born in 1934 in Balasore, Orissa. His first published literary work (1949) is "Sataabdi-ra Aartanaada", a compilation of his early poems. His first compilation of short-stories is "Samudrara Khsyudhaa" (1951).

As a student he was a Marxist, and led several students' and farmers' movements. After graduating as a Master in Arts in English, he taught English at the Christ College, Cuttack for four years. Then he was inspired by Sri Aurovindo's philosophy and joined his quest for knowledge. He moved to Pondicherry and besides culturing the great philosophy, he has been teaching English at the Sri Aurovindo International University there ever since'

His work includes short-stories, poems, travelogues and essays in both English and Oriya. He has also written books for children and Sri Aurovindo's biography. Several stories in the "Chandamama"(Janhamamun) come from Prof. Das. He was the editor of the highly cultural magazine of the 80's - "The Heritage".

His short-stories are highly psychological, flavoured with intelligent sarcasm and ultimate optimism. Innocence of a child , helplessness of the powerful and transformation of the proud are themes of many of his stories. A lot other stories cast complete absurdity and strangeness into a tale of believable facts.

His Books :

(in Oriya, most of them are compilations of short-stories)
  1. Manoj Das-nka Kathaa o kaahaani
  2. Dhumraabha Diganta
  3. Manoj Panchabinsati
  4. Dura Duraantara
  5. Upanibesa
  6. Kete Diganta (Anthology of Essays)
  7. Lakhmi-ra Abhisaara
  8. Aabu-Purusa
  9. Samudra-ra Khsyudha

(in English)
  1. The Submerged Valley and Other Stories
  2. Fables and Fantasies for Adults
  3. Short Stories by Manoj Das
  4. A Tiger at Twilight

Literary Awards :

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