Odiya Celebrities

  1. Poets

  2. Writers/Novelists

  3. Short Story Writers

  4. Drama/One-Act Writers

  5. Freedom Fighters

  6. Scientists

  7. Musicians

  8. Dancers

  9. Artists/Sculptors

  10. Sportsperson

  11. Religious Leaders/Spiritual Devotees

  12. Social reformers

  13. Movie Directors/Actors/Actresses

  14. Political leaders

  15. Historians

  16. Kings

  17. Noted Speakers on Jagannath Sanskruti (Culture)

  18. Linguists

  19. Teachers

  20. Journalists

  21. Lawyers

  22. Miscellaneous

Prominent Personalities from Orissa is compiled from the submissions through ORNET, Fall 1995

Contributions Acknowledged

Please send New Submissions to dmisra@excite.com

                                         Srimad Bhagavad-Gita/Saptamodhyaya
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