This is the second part of the "Weekend Thoughts"
column. A very interesting piece of article. This weekend's
contribution is made by Purna Mohanty who works with SONY, Inc. in
the silicon valley. His article reminds me of all the discussion we
had a little while ago on the ORNET. May be this is the starting
point. We need pioneers like Purna to light the candle. I hope
others will follow the examples set forth by Purna and many such
people who are striving to do something for India. Being outside
India is not a really pleasant experience. Many of us miss the life
we left behind years ago. We try to create a similar environment in
a completely different environment and a culture totally foreign to
many of us. We all have the patriotism that we had when we left the
country to find a different atmosphere and a different environment.
It's a good question why we did that. However, being here and doing
something for back there brings the utmost pleasure. I see that
everyday not only in Purna, but also in people like Priyadarshan,
Somdutt, Subhas Mohapatra, Lalu Manasinha and many more. It's also
important to recognize people who are here and try to lend a
selfless helping hand to fellow Oriyas. I am sure I am not naming
all of them. But I wouldn't hesitate to do so if I know who are
these people from those who have benifitted from them. I have a few
names like Sambit Sahoo, Mihir Mohanty, Suvendu Mohanty, Nihar Nanda
amongst others whom I don't know. I will appreciate if people send
me their names and we can recognize them on weekly basis.

This is an actual statement made in favour of Mr. Sambit Sahoo of
Intel who had lent a selfless hand to a fellow Oriya in the United
States when he first came here : 

"Sambit Sahoo(Intel)->Though he didnot know me at all before,
 had given me shelter in his house, when I was looking for a job. 
 GREAT GUY INDEED!!!". This is something to be proud of.

Anyway, I have always promoted the fact that "The smallest good deed
is better than the grandest good intention". This is what Purna has
been practicing throughout and I urge the rest of the crowd to think
about it at their own time. This reminds me of a childhood story:

I asked my younger brother to do at least a single good deed a day.
He immediately asked me why he should do it. I told him that this
will make him feel good. So the next day onwards, he started giving
a beggar (who used to beg near our home in Bhubaneswar) a fistful of
rice from our kitchen. My brother was very happy and so also was the
beggar. We saw him everyday begging in front of our house looking
forward to that fistful of rice until it was stopped by my parents.
This was a lesson both for me and my brother.

I had requested Mr. Prasanna Mishra to provide a review and personal
comments on the following article. I did receive a reply from him
stating that he is averse to any editorial control on creative work. If it
were destructive then he would have opposed to it.

I am not trying to impose any control over any article. By putting forth the
Weekend Thoughts column, I am trying to optimize the traffic in ORNET and
also trying to create a forum of understanding amongst the ORNETTERS. If this
is treated bad then I will withdraw myself from doing it.


I had requested Purna Mohanty to provide the readers with a self introduction. There
is a lot to learn from the thought and action of Purna. However, the
introduction is meant to know, understand and create an atmosphere of

I am wondering how to start....I am Purna. 
High School in Oriya medium: 1982 from FCI High School, Talcher
I. SC: 1984 from Ravenshaw College Cuttack
B Sc Eng.:1988 from REC, Rourkela
Then worked in NTPC, Delhi and VSP, Vizag till Dec 1991.
Completed MSEE in 1994 from Univ of Toledo.
Always crave for trying out new things/ventures. Take calculated risks in my 

This is the white part of me. The other part will come out when we meet 



MY beliefs: I hate to read history. Because history is past.
I try to forget the past. Because I cannot get back my bygone days
which may be either sweet or sour. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I dont
take pride in my own Oriya culture. This would simply act as a 
hindrance in my creativeness. So I dont like to arrange/participate 
in Oriya cultural activites. Hey, I MAY be wrong. DONT GET MAD at me.

        I strongly believe in the present. Because it foretells
my future. IF I am doing wrong at present, I got to try to make it 

        When Mr. Debasmita Misra sent me an e-mail asking me to
write something for the weekend thoughts, I was, in fact, quite 
perplexed. HEY, what should I write. I have left writing long time 
back. My brain is now mitivated towards some concrete things and 
quite difficult to divert it to some kind of writing which many of my
fellow Oriyas will read. 

        But I thought this was the right moment for me to put forward 
my feeling and contribution towards my state, without huring the
feelings of somebody,as it happened in the past.

        Some great guy said "Dont ask what your country has done to 
you, but ask what you can do for your country." I dont remember who 
said it but....

        Anyway, I strongly believe in that. I think I have developed
a strong weakness towards Oriyas, after I landed here. This is very 
important for a race to survive in the present world of stiff 

        WHY Orissa is poor:
        Because(I believe):

        We lack enough FIGHTING attitude.
        We lack SAVINGS attitude unlike Telugus, Tamils. We got to 
have lot of money to achieve something useful. Ideas are many. But we
need resources to implement them.
        We, NROs, simply blame our politicians back home as 
incompetent etc., though it is true.
        We are always satisfied with what we have. We just believe in
luck/Lord Jagannath, not in our actions.
        The future of the state depends on the student mass. If the 
young mass of the state are materialistically/itellectually rich, 
then the state will be rich. In order to achieve this, we, NROS 
should act as catalyst for the young generations back home.  
        We are shy, emotional, homesick; as compared to our 
        We got to control the population of the state. I believe this
will decide the directions of the state in the 21st century. 
(MOST of the above are very much debatable topics. So kindly restrain
yourself from the fruitless arguments in the net) 
        What I have DONE so far:
        I, alongwith my friend, Sukant, had compiled a info on US 
Univ. while in school(in 1993) for the benefit of Oriya students. 
This I hope is now with most of the engg colleges of the state.

        We have prepared a list of alumini of REC, R and have mailed 
it to the Principal, REC, R for the benefit of staff and students. We
hope the no of students from the state would increase dramatically in
the next years.

        What I plan to achieve:
	I don't know. Plans in life are many and keep on changing,
depending on circumstances.
        Anyways, it is Friday afternoon. Life is short, take it 
cooool and enjoy to the fullest. 

        Thanks for reading my thoughts. GOOD LUCK and GOOD BYE.....


Your comments are always welcome...


Purna Mohanty

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