This "Weekend Thoughts" column should have appropriately named as
"Week End Thoughts". However, I can't change the brand name so
easily. It needs a corporate decision to do that.

This edition was supposed to be posted by Surjit Sahoo (My partner
in Crime). He had some difficulties and it ended up in my lap. But
from next weekend onwards, he is the one who is going to take this
responsibility. I am also very sure that he is going to do a much
better job than I am doing.

Anyway, this weekend thoughts article has been submitted by no one
other than Mr. Sambit Sahu from the silicon valley. If you remember,
I had mentioned Sambit's name a couple of weekends back. I don't
know Sambit personally but I have heard many good things about him.
Going through his article, which is his personal thought will
provide you with a better feeling of his personality and philosophy.

As an NRI, each one of us has thought of going back to India at a
certain point of time. Somehow time has twisted this thought and
made us stay back here. It's not that we all are intoxicated by the
life we lead outside India. Each of us has a special reason to
settle down here with a heartful of memories trying to pull us back.
Subhas Mohapatra had asked me once whether I intended to go back to
India after completion of my studies. Without even giving a thought
about the question I had answered "Definitely!". He had told me then
that I will be more help to the country staying here rather than
going back (He had provided all the reasons for making that
statement which I am not including here). Although, I have my own
personal reasons to think of settling down here, but his statement
had a great impact on my decision too. I should also mention Dr.
Sitakantha Dash, President of OSA (who is also like a father to me)
who had made a similar statement when I had newly arrived in USA. I 
had never dreamed of settling here then, but I had always churned his
statement in my mind trying to fight the feeling off of settling
down in the USA.

Well, I can go for days together describing my feelings and
thoughts. So also can you. But let's see what Sambit has to say in
this matter. Of course, your contribution is always welcome either
directly in the net or to my personal mailbox so that it can be
posted in the "Weekend Thoughts" column.

Debasmita Misra

PS: Thanks to Surjit Sahoo for putting together this article and for
taking over the "Weekend Thoughts" column from next weekend onwards. 

			>>>>>>>> INTRO <<<<<<<<

All I know about Sambit is that he is a very helpful person and also
a very jovial personality. From his e-mail, I had figured out that
he works with INTEL. May be he has some contribution towards the
faulty design of the pentium chip. Here's a brief introduction of

			Sambit Sahu
          Education: Stewart School, Cuttack (1981)
                     Ravenshaw College (I.Sc) (1983)
                     UCE, Burla (Btech) (1987)
                     University of SW Louisiana (MS) (1989-1991)

          Work: Unitel Communications Limited, BBSR (1987-1989)
                Intel Corp, Santa Clara (1992- )

          Personal: Grown up in Cuttack, Native place : Puri
                    Married to Anita (currently preparing for USMLE exam)
                    Have a son Sarthak (2 years old)

          >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    ARTICLE  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

                        GOING BACK OR STAYING HERE

This is a controversial topic and has been debated in various circles. I 
will try to present my thoughts on it. I hope there are some who have 
given serious thoughts to it. If I annoy anybody (which is not my 
intention), then please excuse me and take it as my personal thoughts 

I was in India last December. I was trying to analyze my past few years 
and I realized that I had been out of India for  6 years. I felt as if I
was wandering in some unknown direction and it was high time to make some
concrete decisions (at least give it a serious thought) about my future.

Why am I staying away from my country, state, family and friends ?
Lots of reasons come to my mind . The first and foremost reason that 
flashes in my mind is  Education. But that has been over in 1991 with my 
Masters. Then comes Profession (that's what many claim the reason for 
staying here). My personal experiences have not been so encouraging. To 
me there has not been major differences in working for Unitel or Intel. 
In both the places, it has been "problem solving" utilizing the
knowledge of computers and electronics. Perhaps that is the plight of 
most guys working in the computer industry. Then comes Money, but where 
is it ? With my  earnings and living in costly place like Bay Area, I am 
hardly able to save anything. Whatever meagre saving I have is spent on 
India trips. In the end I realize that I am staying in USA, because I am 
just used to it and have hardly thought otherwise.

What am I  losing by staying here ? I am away from my parents, relatives 
and all my loved ones. I am  away from my dear Cuttack which has given me
so many beautiful years. I don't have any festivals in my life. All those
festivals, feasts and fun that used to be there have disappeared. Life 
has become mechanical and stressful. I feel sad when I see my son 
growing. He was very happy in India but here, he has a lonely life. I 
have to constantly worry about keeping him entertained. I definitely had 
a much better childhood with lot of relatives around and lots of fun.
Of course I won't deny that I have not benefited anything by staying here.
The MS program in Louisiana has been the best education of my life. I
got a chance to see new people , places and a whole new world. I have
learned to live and manage on my own. Of course, I have enjoyed the 
football, basketball games and the beautiful San Francisco (You should 
visit it once if you haven't).

I keep thinking about it, but I am unable to decide. I wonder why is it 
such a tough decision to take. Perhaps that is the plight of many. 
Hopefully, I will have the strength to decide one way or the other very 


Your comments are always welcome...

Sambit Sahu

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