LW`[fe bNa_

(La - h ]a_eЯZ `p_ЯL)

LW`[fe bNa_ j c
h _ Oe y[
ja j SZ ja j ]M c ba j ce c

af af j kj c j= Lk Le_ Xe
c SZ@R [ LA aqR ]BR c [[ af

]_ ]e]e jaL [ da ]a [ c_e ba
`Ba A_t SZa L`e ]e kH ]M AD @ba

bm _S `e c_ @k*e da [ Lea Ld
]Ma c \a [ke j=e Le\a j] jkd

c bNa_ j c k] ek c Laf [k SZ
LW`[fV kH bNa_ ba [ c da c_?

b=]a d] c LW`[f c bNa_ da Lk
j eka c _LVe j] AZa AeL dB

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