What is life - just a long wait? In a humorous vein, jokesters would probably associate waiting with the object of the wait. "If you are waiting for your beloved to arrive," they would say, "time stops. Minutes pass slowly; excruciatingly, agonizingly so. On the other hand, if you are waiting for your boss to finish that meeting at 3 pm and you know he'll give you a good firing after that, time flies."

Given that jokesters have a different outlook towards life from the rest of us ordinary folks, I would resist the temptation to be swayed by their opinions, however. I wouldn't treat wait in so cavalier a fashion.

As we mused in last week's Weekend Thoughts, there is probably nothing such as the pure "present." Moments in time are either in the past, or in the future. We all wait for something (or somebody), because we *hope* for something to happen. Is there an end, ever, to this cycle of wait and hope? Probably not.

This week's column is a short, but sweet and beautiful, poem by Ms Arati Nanda from Linz, Austria. The poet in her is strong and vibrant, although she has been trained in mathematics, the purest of the basic sciences. Readers would recollect her earlier poems on this forum, including "JAga re Utkaleeya," and "Europa JAtrA." Her poems are simple; yet, deceptively powerful.

We may never completely understand writers and poets; however, through their work and their words, they *reveal* themselves. Their work bears their indelible print upon it, and discloses facets of their personality.

Hope you enjoy this poem.


Amitabh Mishra May 24, 1996

Author's Self-Introduction

Name: 		Arati Nanda
E-mail:		nanda@indmath.uni-linz.ac.at
I am a Math Ph.D (1995) from IIT Kanpur,
doing my post doc. in Johannes-Kepler Universitaet, Linz, Austria.
I belong to Bolani, Keonjhar.


Life of a graduate student - how oscillatory it is! The graph of his mental waves when zoomed at different wavelets shows very many peaks - sometimes beyond the sensor's reach. Roaming isolatedly in the dense forest of doubts, bathing in the time falls & flexed as assignmental-fruited trees, he discovers his supervisor - walking peacefully on the saints' one-way road leading to paradise. At the end of each semester, he cooks up his arithmetic and ... ???
Jadio jAnenA mu
      kA' prateekshyA re rahichhi anAi
Samaya pare samaya gadi chAlichhi
      Mo prateekshyA ra anta nAhin,
- TathApi mu prateekshyA karichhi.

ApekshyA ra anya nAma kete je jantranA
JantranA jarjarita mo hrudaya danturita,
      Kipari phutiba phula
Na pAile tikie AshwAsanA!

Jeebana 'MelA' ra mu je saudagara
Jeebana 'SaudA' ku bichhei dei
      GarAkha ku apekshyA karichhi
Biki dei chija taka
      Ghara pherantA,
      LAbha kshyati ra anka kashA,
Uttara miluchhi mote,
      Mo apekshyA ra moolya phala
      Shoonya shatakadA!

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Arati Nanda
Arati Nanda

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