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Let me apologize for the delay in publishing this week's column. This week's column is presented by Ranjita Misra. As our reviewer has said, this article certainly deserves a place in any literary forum. I could not agree less. Weekend Thoughts is really proud to present an article of such a high quality.

Without much further ado, here's this week's article - "FRIENDS".

Self Introduction: By Author

 Name: Ranjita Misra

 Education: D.M.School (till 10th grade) R.D.Women's (I.Sc)
            B.J.B/O.U.A.T (B.Sc) Banaras Hindu University (M.Sc)
            Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (Ph.D)

 Work: Government of Orissa (1987-1990) - Lady Training Officer
       Northeast Missouri State University - Assistant Professor -
       Health Science (January 1995 - present)

 Hobbies: Painting, music, reading and writing


When I was requested to write for the "weekend thought" section, I was unsure which topic to choose... Finally I decided to write on something which may be very mundane but which is very dear to me - "Friends"


It is graduation time and I had to leave Norfolk with a heavy heart. It broke my heart to leave my friends. It happens every time I bid farewell...

 With a broken heart
   and smile on my lips
 I see them leave
   tears rolling down my cheeks

 Life temporarily loses its lusture
   everything looks dull and black
 with no light at the end
   no road but a dead end

 Parting is such sweet sorrow
   but I am never ready for it
 without you life won't be the same
   O my dear friend

Partings are always painful. We stay together only for a little while but the memories are imprinted in our mind; the laughter and joy makes it worthwhile. Like Wordsworth has said:

    The music in my heart I bore
       long after it was heard no more

I look at my past with nostalgia.....

    I look back into my past
      which sped by too fast
    when i was playing always
      with total lack of grace

    Time never seemed to exist
      moods never did persist
    carefree and uneventful
      ignorance and blissful
    life was never so complex
      no cause for perplex

    Wasting time in carefree abandon
      whims and fancies in sanction
    playmates never cared
      however badly you fared

My school days were the most carefree days of my life, but went by too fast... I went to college and felt matured and responsible. Infact I used to revolt when everyone treated me at home like a kid (I am the youngest in the family). I changed colleges because none of my friends went to the college that I did. In the process I met many new friends and lost a few.

I remember the first time I moved out of home to go to hostel. I felt alone, without the protective shield of my family, and lost. I missed home a lot...

   My mother's love so warm
     father shielded me from all harm
   time with brothers and sisters joyously spent
      how i longed for that very trend

It was at that time that my friends helped me feel comfortable and endure the depression. The days that followed were some of the memorable ones... we were a joyous bunch making merry, smiles seen aplenty, laughing for all it is worth. Gradually I learnt to become independent, matured and confident to face the world. Partings from friends was again painful experience....

Occasionally I meet my old friends after a long time and feel very happy. We talk of old times, and catch up with each other's life

     Friends meeting after an eternity
       smiling warmly with familiarity
     the years in between just melt away
       life at once seems bright and gay

We meet and we part but we remain in each others heart. It is a small world and I hope I will meet with you all again.

Review By: Sujata Pradhan

It's a very nice article. Smooth poetry. Cool, collected and conservative. Beautiful thoughts. It is like seeing your own thoughts in an astoundingly appealing attire of poetry and for a minute, you almost do not recognize it! And then it strikes you - these ARE my thoughts! It is a work of art which should definitely be shared with people.

Though I did not find the flow, a smooth natural switching, which should be almost unnoticeable, back and forth between the expressions of poetry to prose and vice versa, with a unbroken chain of thoughts without straying from the point.

And I don't know if I would place it in Weekend thoughts though. It definitely needs to be in the forum, may be in a literary section. But then I am not sure I understand what "Weekend Thoughts" stands for. If "Weekend Thoughts" is a section for literary articles this article definitely deserves a place.

But I think weekend thoughts should carry articles which are food for thought for the week (the third Grader's piece was an excellent example). But then I also think that Snakes are beautiful gorgeous creatures. And also that Captain Piccard can take on Caption Kirk any time of the day. And that pizza should be eaten cold!

Then these are my thoughts. What are yours ...

Your comments are always welcome...

Ranjita Misra

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