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We are back after the long weekend and the excitement of the OSA convention; back into our regular lives, back to the daily grind of work, and weekdays and weekends. Life is strange, everyone looks forward to the holidays and the weekends, but I haven't met anyone who has told me that Mondays are the best days of his/her life!!

The article for this Weekend is very appropriate for the Weekend. In this article the author Rashmiranjan Jyotiprakash presents a very nice description of his daily weekday life in the busy city of Chicago. Replace Chicago with any other city, Delhi or Los Angeles and the story remains the same. The hustle and bustle of the city, and the multitude of people all scrambling to do their respective work. It is an amazing sight, yet so common in the modern man's daily life. In a small town, life is a little peaceful, yet you may have to drive 100 kms to get your groceries or see a good movie. Each of them has its own charm and people get used to the life they live. Have fun and enjoy life wherever you are, is the moral of the story.



Sidhartha Mohanty July 12, 1996


Author: Rashmiranjan Jyotiprakash
[The Author's Introduction is available in Weekend Thoughts # 15, 1996]


Come and go. I think after a while I have lost count of it. Come Wednesday, hey two more days for another weekend. I don't know of anybody looking forward to a Monday. How strange!! Although 71% of our time is spent in weekdays, it is that 29% of time, the weekends is what we look forward to. Now, is it really important that this point be raised, all of us know about it. All of us live with it. I am sure not everybody will be happy to be reminded of a weekday in a weekend thoughts (including me). But again weekdays for some is different than others.

Talking of a day in Chicago, no matter where you live, it takes you around one hour to get to the office. Change a bus, then a train and then a bus. OPHH!! Talk of driving, takes around 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. Hey this is my life story here. I can feel a lot of readers' heart pound because that's their life story too. Board the same train at the same time every day. But the best part is that you see the same people boarding the same train every day. After a while you are familiar with all their faces. You see them everyday. But you don't know them. You never talked with each other. Basically you know them but again you don't. The days here did remind me of my days in Delhi. Exactly the same deal. Takes 1 hr. to get to the office. Take the bus or if in Bombay take a train. Yes, you are right. You don't see all the overcrowding in trains here. But again hey this is America.

Now the story is not same for everyone. My friends in small cities complain that, in a winter day before their heater gets heated they are in the office. Talk of balance in life. Coming back to the life in Chicago, now will you blame me if I am not looking forward to a Monday? By the time you reach home, its at least 7 p.m., then you cook, eat and go to bed not looking forward to the next day, knowing very well that you have to leave home the next day again by 6:30 or 7:00. At least you have the consolation of the so called "American luxury".

Well, well, well too many negative thoughts. My friends living in big cities may not like this too much as they are used to this by now and I am sure I will also get used to it (someday). Getting adjusted to any environment is human nature. But hey, the bright side, 4 movie theaters here show hindi movies everyday. And I can see living legends like Asha Bhonsle and Lata Mangeskar here. I would probably never have been ablt to enjoy this in a small city or for that matter in Delhi (may be in Bombay with difficulty). And the Indian community, lets not forget about them. Even if you are not from Chicago, you must be aware of the great street 'Devon Street' otherwise known as 'Gandhi Marg'. Once I was telling one of my friend, that the only things missing in that street are couple of stray bulls. Rest all is Indian. Welcome home. No surprise or offense to anybody but lot of the people there even don't speak English (never did I have the need to I guess).

Now I guess the choice is made by us only, as to what we do or where we live. No matter where you live or what you do, weekdays come and go leaving behind a trail of weekends. So use them. Before you realize even this weekend will be over. Hold on, how can I end without talking about a weekend? May be I don't need to talk about it. No matter where you live after the exhaustive 5 days who wakes up at 6 o'clock in the morning on a Saturday! Well folks have a nice weekend (opppsss I have to do my laundry this weekend at least, I think I am getting too lazy).

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Rashmiranjan Jyotiprakash
Rashmiranjan Jyotiprakash

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