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After a looong Thanksgiving break we are back with another edition of the Weekend Thoughts column. We are glad that we have this wonderful article from Shanta Misra of Houston, to start our countdown towards the holiday season and the New Year. Shanta writes on a topic which is dear to everyone's heart: MOTHER. When a newborn child learns to speak, the first word he utters is MAA. Mother is the center of the universe for the young child and she shapes the child's psychology and future.

The article has a tinge of nostalgia and takes you back down the memory lane yet again. The writer also draws upon her poetic talents to present a nice poetic touch to the topic and also provides the impressions of writers and poets of WOMEN. All in all an interesting and thoughtful article. I hope all of you enjoy it.

The review is by Minoti Sahu.


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Enjoy this week's article from Shanta Misra of Houston.


NAME:             Shanta Misra

EMAIL:            smisra@doom.houston.geoquest.slb.com

BORN:             on the 14th of August ( a very stormy night they say! ) 
                  to the most delightful parents.

EDUCATION:        Do you really want to know?  Well, allegedly the cream 
		  of the `Indian' nation (Ha! Ha!) i.e, B.S in Exploration 
		  Geophysics from I.I.T Kharagpur. M.S in Geophysics/
		  Hydrology from Wright State Univ. Dayton, Ohio.  
EMPLOYED:         at Geoquest, Schlumberger in Houston, TX as a 
		  Geophysicist. Exciting Company! By the way, they are 
		  looking for experienced people, with a geological 
		  sciences background (not kidding). If interested let 
		  me know.                         

INTERESTS:        Singing Hindustani Classical and light music.
                  Reading anything and everything that is readable.
                  Building/assembling furniture (pretty wild eh!)
                  Experimenting with cooking different cuisines.
                  Outdoor camping and trekking.
                  Writing Poetry??????????
                  Watching Modern and classical Ballet.


I LOVE:           diet coke
                  chinese food
                  cold pizza 
                  Asterix and Tintin comics

I DREAM OF:       Yes, I too dream of Jeanie (in reference to the 
		  T.V.serial). Somebody who will clean my house and
                  make all my wishes come true with a wink of her eye.

I MISS:           my childhood days spent frolicking in the African Savannah.  

I BELIEVE:        in helping others.  I am an active member of a Family 
		  Support group called FACE in Houston.  I also frequently 
		  counsel battered women at the Houston Women's Welfare 

I LIVE FOR :      my 3 little absolutely adorable nieces. 

There, I think I have said it all.  That's me in a nut shell. 
(Stay with me on this folks, I am being Sarcastic).

Now we finally come to the thought.  I hope you like it.


As I sit there on a cold winter's morn, in my favorite rocking chair, a warm streak of sunlight embraces my feet ever so lightly like the gentle touch of a lovers hand. Sipping the steaming ginger tea brings back memories of the days gone by. It reminds me of my mother. Those few moments spent with her every day, when we would sit together on the verandah and sip our morning tea. Those anxious eyes would wait for me to come and sit beside her. There is no feeling more precious than knowing that no matter what, there will always be someone to care for you. Oh! how I cherish those memories. Her eyes would illuminate in anticipation as if she were a child all over again. It is then that I began to realize that she is much more than a mother or a wife. She is a real person who has her own feelings and thoughts just like I do. In those moments she would no longer be a mother but a true friend.

A teenager's mind is very impressionable. The image of my mother as a strong yet sensitive lady will always remain imprinted in my mind. Don't get me wrong -- it is not like she would not at times revert back to her motherly duties and admonish me about my behavior or criticize my perspective of life. But that is what made our little te`te-a`-te`te's all the more exciting. Now I am thousands of miles away, perhaps by choice, but I will always remain thankful to my mother for letting me get to know her better beyond the mother-daughter relationship. I sometimes wonder if it is this friend or my mother that I miss more..........

    PENSIVE THOUGHTS                                      WOMAN

It will not always be like this               Dante` adored woman:
the air windless, a few last leaves           Wordsworth commended her:
adding their decoration to the tree 
shoulders.       			      Shakespeare loved her:
Braiding the cuffs of the boughs with         
gold					      Tolstoy planted her in 
					      the sunshine:
A bird preening itself in the lawns mirror.   and watered her with her tears:
                                              only to tear her up by 
					      her roots at last:
Having looked up from the days chores,                     
pause a minute.                               Burns smiled at her:
Let the mind take its photograph of           Moore succumbed to her:
the bright scene.                             Henry James studied her: 
Something to wear against the heart in        Guy de Maupassant 
the long cold.				      thought her wicked, 
					      but interesting:
                                              Bourget dissected her:
                                              Balzac understood her:

Review by Minoti Sahu, Texas

I think the article leaves one in a very nostalgic and pensive mood. We all have chosen our paths, some physically far away from our parents, but with the mental and spiritual bonding always ever-present and keeping us united with our loved ones. Each of us have our own impressions of our mothers, and the author has done a good piece of work in representing her images of her mother. She shows imagination and sensitivity. I also like the inclusion of the little poem. That makes the article yet more meaningful. Summarising the opinions of the stalwarts (of our civilization and culture) of Woman was indeed an interesting finish to the article. All-in-all, a touching, thought provoking, yet amusing article.

Minoti Sahu

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Shanta Misra

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