The Holiday season is here and everyone has planned something nice for themselves and their family. The WT Editorial committee wishes all the members of ORNET a very happy holiday season. We wish you a "Merry Christmas"! Enjoy yourself.

As we enter into the holiday season we present you a very nice poem written by our own Arati Nanda of Austria. The author needs no introduction. Many of her poems have brought joy and happiness to all of us who have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity of reading her work. There is a lot more to come from this budding poet.

The poet mentions that this is her most favorite poem. In this beautiful poem she has tried to look into the heart of a mother and has compared it with the nature. She also mentions that she would be glad if all the mothers who read her poem can feel their sons and daughters in her words.

So with that we leave you with the beautiful poem. Enjoy it and share it with your friends and family. Have a happy and safe holiday.


Arati Nanda

Paahaanti sukra taaraa
Nirmala snigdha mo Heera
Sakaala ra shishu Surjya
Mo dukha paasora. (1)

Dara phutaa golaapa kadhi ru
aspasta Maa daaka
Nei jaae mo aatmaa mana ru
rakhi die bheka. (2)

Phutantaa padma mruga shishu aakhi
dhala dhala chanchala
Baandhi dhare mote dekhi
Chhaade naahin mo anchala.(3)

Godhuli ra raktima kirana
Chanchala batschhya daaka hammaa
Rushi jiba na kale purana
Taa aakhi re kotie chumaa. (4)

Saja phutaa Malli ra baasnaa re
mahaku thaae mo pabitra dhana
chhuti jaae tikhna begare
Pabitra Gangaa taara mana. (5)

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Arati Nanda
Arati Nanda

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